Poly-Botanical Extracts

Poly-Botanical Extracts

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The unique feature of "Poly-Botanical Extracts (PBE)" is to improve the nutrient absorption efficiency and maintenance rate for skin cell regeneration by transdermal absorption. The Biomolecule Control Process (BCP) can stablly maintain the molecular weight of various plant extracts below 500 Daltons, which makes PBE can be easily absorbed through keratin inside to skin layer to achieve deep absorption.

"Poly-Botanical Extracts " can strengthen the protectin of skin cell against to environment, delay skin aging, reduce the signs of aging, promote skin renewal, and achieve total skin improvement.

Non drugs. Fragrance free. Alcohol free. Steroids free. Non antibiotics

Sfons insists on no additivesin our products and tries hard to be compliance with international inspection standards. The safe, gentle and natural products can meet any dairy need, and make the skin glowing from the cell.

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